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We are the go-to VC for early-stage entrepreneurs committed to building the next big thing.


No monkey businesses here.


We are on the lookout for founding teams with world-shaking ideas across all industries and continents. With a fund size of 70M€, we stick together from seed to A and beyond.

Neuro Event Labs helps doctors by assisting to diagnose epilepsy through video monitoring and machine intelligence.

Founded: 2015Field: Medtech

Sumpli enables fast recruitment to on-demand jobs, instant payroll services, and transparent pay. It is a digital matchmaking platform for employers and employees.

Founded: 2017Field: Recruitment & Employment SaaS

Glue delivers human remote presence. It enables comfortable meetings by supporting different devices from high-end VR to mobile phones.

Founded: 2017Field: VR/AR

Disior creates software to measure and model tissue structures in CT and MRI images for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

Founded: 2016Field: Medtech


When we roll, we’re not making sushi.


Our extended team includes iconic entrepreneurs, top-tier investors and those who have never conformed to industry standards. Diverse set of strengths, complementary skills, invaluable contacts, and unconditional support – the whole Maki family at your service.

Ilkka Kivimäki

/ +358 50 370 0097

This man does everything serial: entrepreneurship, investing, adequate jokes. Previous years included adventures of founding several companies, venturing the Nordics, and having knees deep in Slush as the chairman of the board – just to name a few. Straight talk and absurdly honest feedback are Ilkka’s way to share unconditional love.

Pirkka Palomäki

/ +358 40 700 1133

Kind grin and occasional guffaw are a sure sign of Pirkka approaching. His thoughtful guidance is an Asset with capital A. Talking about letters, his C-level positions at F-Secure and Enevo, as well as advisor background at several startups ensure he’s not boggled by anything. Skippering success at work, and boats on spare time, is his lifestyle.

Josefiina Kotilainen

/ +358 50 513 1044

Precise but calm, Josefiina is the brain of this fellowship. Her wasabi-like acumen spices up any business. As an evidence, Jose’s years as Slush CFO guarantees that she knows how to control even the most confusing palettes. And, not to forget, she arrives to meetings with a motorcycle.

Paavo Räisänen

/ +358 40 773 8363

The analytical mastermind Paavo fluently navigates all levels of business, from boards to vanguards. With a background as a startup executive and a business development professional, he has hard knowledge on turning problems into profits.


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An exceptional team, a world-shaking idea, and committed to make history. If we just described your early-stage startup, we’re a match.

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